Denture Repair

Denture Repair Columbus

Denture Repair Are you having denture problems? Dr. John Fields, DMD of Columbus Dental Clinic can provide you with quality denture repair services. If you need your dentures repaired, adjusted, or replaced, our clinic offers on-site service. Whether it is for partial or full dentures, our staff is qualified to meet your needs.

We understand that denture problems cause discomfort and can greatly diminish your quality of life. These problems can make it hard to chew, speak, and can even alter your facial appearance. We can repair, realign, replace or refit dentures, making them more comfortable to wear.

Denture Realignment

You may need a denture realignment or to replace them with a new set of dentures if you are experiencing constant pain or sore spots, chewing problems, slurred speech, slipping, or sounds such as clicking and whistling coming from your dentures. A realignment or repair will help ensure that you can speak clearly and chew properly. Repair can also help you maintain a fuller face, as facial support is somewhat dependent on how your teeth fit in your mouth. Your lips and smile will be more natural, and your cheeks and lower face will no longer appear shrunken. With denture repair from Columbus Dental Clinic, you will get back to your life in the shortest amount of time and with a new smile. For convenient same-day denture repair services, contact Columbus Dental Clinic today to schedule your appointment.


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